DA: ‘Mother was not involved’ in Kingston Frazier’s death


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JACKSON, Miss. — “My son did not kill that baby. Did not kill that baby, but y’all gonna kill my son.”

Byron McBride, Sr. screamed and cried leaving Madison Justice Court Monday.

The Associated Press reported court records showed Dwan Wakefield told investigators that Byron McBride stole the car little Kingston Frazier was in, then shot him.

Because McBride is an adult he is eligible for the death penalty, though that is something Madison County Attorney Michael Guest said prosecutors area still discussing.

Something he wouldn’t talk about — a motive for the murder of the 6-year-old boy.

The child was in the backseat of his mother’s car when it was taken last Thursday.

“While I don’t want to comment on that, I do want to say that the mother was not involved in this case. There have been various stories on social media that have said that she may have some sort of involvement, some sort of role, in the death of Kingston and we see no evidence of that.”

“She’s struggling. She lost her son. It’s painful,” said Amos Archie.

Wakefield’s aunt said her nephew is innocent and seeing him on a video monitor in court on Monday hurt her.

“Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking. I’m used to seeing him you know playing a game with my son, not in shackles.”

“I pray for them. I’m praying for our family, the community, the state and the city,” added Archie.

A third suspect, DeAllen Washington, was also arrested and charged in the case.


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