DA credits new prosecuting plan for influx of Crime Stoppers tips

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More people are helping police solve crimes in the Raleigh and Frayser neighborhoods, and the district attorney thinks she knows why.

“We know the crime rate in the Old Allen precinct is going down, but we know the Crime Stoppers tips are going up. People ask how can that be?,” said District Attorney Amy Weirich.

She said Crime Stoppers is receiving a 30 percent spike in the Old Allen precinct area since they implemented a new community prosecuting program at the precinct.

WREG was there when it launched nearly two years ago. Basically, a prosecutor works at the precinct and in the community to identify the worst criminals and keep young lesser offenders out of the system.

All indicted cases are then handled by the same prosecutor and judge.

“What that tells us is that community`s trust is increasing and their willingness to pick up the phone and call police is growing and that`s a good thing,” said Weirich.

Crime Stoppers officials told WREG it’s definitely a good thing and said the only way to address crime if for the community to be involved. They say Crime Stoppers tips have recently led to arrests in some high-profile cases.

“We knew it would have a positive impact, but we weren’t quite prepared for all of the great benefits we saw so early,” said Weirich.

Last month, she expanded the program to the Tillman precinct, reaching more than 90,000 people living in that area.

She hopes to continue to expand the program to other precincts int he neat future.

She also credited other efforts for the increase in tips like police building relationships in the community.

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