D.A.: Business declared a public nuisance allowed to reopen

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local business that was closed down last week after being declared a public nuisance has been allowed to reopen.

The Express Deli and Grocery on Jefferson Avenue was shutdown January 10 after police said it was a hotbed for crime. In less than two years, officers had been called to the store 69 times. Police took 43 incident reports and made 29 arrests. Approximately 17 of those were on the business’ property or surrounding area.

When we spoke to the owner Mohamad Suhail last week he said all of that activity happened outside the store, not inside.

He said he called police about it but eventually gave up. He said his calls never lead to any arrests.

“I’m just wasting police time,” Suhail said. “Every time I call, they find nothing with these people. They search people. They search me, too. They bring dog inside my store. I ain’t got nothing. I ain’t got no problem.”

Joyce Davis lives in the area. She said Suhail is telling the truth.

“He’s a good guy,” she said.

Frequent customer Wayne Brown backed him up too.

“He ain’t selling no drugs. He work and do everything he can do,” Brown said. “There ain’t nothing (illegal happening) in the store.”

The re-opening of the store comes after Suhail agreed to make improvements to the business that would hopefully deter crime. Those improvements include things liking installing security lightning and surveillance cameras, hiring a security guard and placing “No Trespassing” signs outside.

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