Customer accused of dousing auto repair shop owner with gas fluid

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are investigating an incident involving an irate customer who allegedly doused a local, auto repair shop owner with a dangerous fluid.

The entire ordeal was captured on camera.

"My eyes started burning like crazy," said Bassam "Sam" Aljundi, owner of Cordova Automotive.

"That's all I can imagine is, 'I'm going blind. I'm going blind!"

The incident happened Thursday morning at the shop.

Aljundi says mechanics checked the customer's brakes, be she didn't seem to like the repair options.

"I said 'Ma'am you need brake pads and rotors."

Aljundi told WREG the customer responded, using profanity, saying she would not purchase the rotors.

"I said, no problem. I cannot do the brakes, because it's not going to do anything...just changing the pads," Aljundi said.

After that, Aljundi says he told the woman he would have the mechanic pull her car around, but that's when things escalated.

Video shows the woman walking towards the counter as Aljundi is on the phone. She then proceeds to hang it up.

"I looked at her and said,  'What the heck did you do that for? You need to get out of here now," Aljundi said.

"Then she grabbed the bottle, and I ducked in there. All of a sudden, I felt the hot liquid being poured over my hair and my face," Aljundi said.

Aljundi had been doused with a gas additive. The warning label says it can be fatal if swallowed.

A worker called 9-1-1.

Aljundi ended up spending a night in the hospital, having his eye flushed.

He says they were also watching for respiratory problems because he has asthma.

Aljundi returned to his office Monday, Jan. 1 to give police the surveillance video.

He says he's been in business almost 25 years and never experienced anything like this.

"She needs to be accountable for what she did, because it could be a lot worse than what it is," Aljundi said.

Police told WREG no charges had been filed as of Monday. They said they know who the suspect is, but are continuing to investigate.

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