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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman told police the owner of Crumpy’s Hot Wings on South Highland “strangled” her when she complained about cold french fries.

But owner Donald Crump made his own complaint to police, for vandalism, telling officers that the woman tossed her food and others’ off the counter and onto the floor, then refused to leave.

Police reports say the altercation happened about 5 p.m. Friday. Both accounts agree that an argument began when the woman complained about cold food in her pickup order and demanded a refund.

Rinesha Moore told police she placed her order over the phone on Friday went to pick it up 45 minutes later.

“I saw that my food was kinda …. it’s usually smoking but it wasn’t smoking this time, it was kinda dry so I said can I get some fresh fries,” said Moore.

The owner Donald Crump told her she was late picking up her order.

“He was just like naw being nonchalant like he didn’t care, just bad customer service right off the back,” said Moore.

Moore says she told Crump she wanted a refund and he said no.  She says they argued back and forth for several minutes.

“I was probably a little bit late but they told me 25-35 mins over the phone and usually they don’t have the food ready when I get there, so I gave them just a little extra time,” said Moore.

Moore tells me as she was walking out, she shoved her food over the counter and it fell on the floor. That’s when things got really heated.

“He pushed me into the fishbowl and he did it with his two hands and he literally started choking and strangling me like barely could breathe,” said Moore. “He said don’t disrespect my store as he was choking me.”

Moore showed us this picture after the incident saying she went to the hospital on Sunday because the pain was so severe.

“If I can’t get any fresh food and you’re not giving me my money back what else could possibly be done and you’re the manager,” said Moore.

So we called Crump to get his side of the story.

“My attorney said don’t say anything until I talk to him first,” said Crump via phone.

Three people witnessed the incident, describing to police both the customer throwing the food and Crump choking her.

Crump was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.