Crumbling road leaves homeowners cut off from driveways


SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. – Homeowners in an unincorporated Shelby County neighborhood say they’re struggling to get the road behind their homes repaired.  

Nestled between Chariden and Branley Oaks Drives, it’s their only access to their driveways and garages. But because of massive potholes that stretch almost the entire length of the road, it’s largely inaccessible.  

“It looks like somebody threw hand grenades and just tried to blow up the sidewalk, the alleyway,” said homeowner Marci Prince. 

Over the 13 years Prince has lived there, she said the road has gotten worse. Multiple residents tell WREG it’s caused damage to their vehicles and is even causing people to drive through backyards in an effort to avoid potholes. 

“They’ve driven through our yard, our other neighbors’ yards,” said Prince. 

However, questions about ownership of the road have prevented it from being repaired.  

Shelby County officials didn’t respond to WREG’s requests for comment, but residents say they’ve repeatedly been told by the county that the road is private and therefore not the county’s responsibility. 

“If anybody knows what we can do, you know, please. And I would beg the county commission to please get this fixed,” said Prince.  

The original 2005 deed shows the road belonging to now-defunct Mark Matthews Development.  

County records now show that the property is slated to be sold after 13 years of unpaid property taxes, but the records don’t indicate when a sale might take place.  

Meanwhile, homeowners like Prince know they have little to no hope of selling their homes until the road is fixed.  

“I would like to sell if I could, but knowing nobody’s gonna want to buy,” she said.  

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