Crosstown carjacking suspects caught on camera

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A trip to the store turned to terror when a woman is carjacked in the parking lot of a Family Dollar in the Crosstown area.

Police say the thieves threatened to shoot the victim if she didn’t do what they wanted. Several suspects were caught on camera.

Police say an orange Dodge Challenger zoomed up to a woman as she was getting out of her car Monday night at the Family Dollar on Cleveland near Poplar.

Investigators say two masked men jumped out and demanded her keys, threatening to shoot her if she didn’t give them up.

She did, and they took off, one of thieves in her car, the other in the car they came in. The victim wasn’t hurt.

Even complete strangers like Renee Harris feel bad for the victim. She says she would have given up the keys too.

“It would have scared me to death. I know it would have,” she said. “Baby let ’em have it. Let them have it.”

Three suspects were later caught on surveillance video at a nearby business. Police believe at least one of them was involved, but officers haven’t tracked any of them down.

If you’ve recognize any of those suspects, or if you know anything else about this carjacking, please call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.


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