Cross County man escapes brutal beating; brother hopes for justice

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WYNNE, Ark. — A Cross County man said his brother was the victim of a brutal beating and just escaped a near-death experience.

He said at least five people in the Cross County Jail are responsible for the horrific crime.

Adam Jacobs said Gregory Farmer and a handful of accomplices, Michael Tucker, Jarod McCammon, Christopher Little and Tara Dunn, committed crimes against his brother, Joe Immel, that are tough to talk about.

“It’s been a roller coaster, really,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said for the last few weeks, his brother has had some problems.

“A bunch of threats saying that Joe had set somebody up for getting busted and stuff over here at this apartment,” Jacobs said.

He said  Immel was ambushed on Sunday, then brought back to a Wynne duplex and tortured.

“They hog tied him and beat him, kicked him in the face with a steel-toed boot,” Jacobs said. “They tried to drown him. His whole side of his face, he had a big ole black eye—the whole side of his face.”

Jacobs said his brother was able to escape because one of the people watching him fell asleep. He took a split-second chance and ran across the street for help.

He said the suspects were supposed to be his brother’s friends, but they would have killed his brother if he had not escaped.

Jacobs said his brother is now recovering.

“With them getting locked up, it’s a little bit of relief,” he said. “I don’t know how they could think they could get away with something like this.”

He said the major driver behind this horrific crime is drugs.

“The cops around this town are trying to get it took care of—the drugs—which I think that’s a good thing,” Jacobs said.

WREG tried multiple times to reach police to get more information on the case and to confirm everyone’s specific involvement. We were told no one was in the office and wouldn’t be able to speak to us until Monday.

The defendants are facing charges ranging from terroristic threatening,retaliation against a witness, kidnapping, engaging in violent criminal group activity and aggravated robbery.


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