Crittenden County residents face flooding as heavy rain continues

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CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. — Crittenden County is experiencing more flooding, especially in the rural areas.

Many fields are underwater, and it’s threatening the livelihoods for people who live there.

“It’s been flooding for four to five days. We can’t use it at all,” said Chris Botha, an agricultural worker who relies on farming to make a living so that he can earn money to send back home to his family in South Africa.

He says it’s important to work.

But Wednesday, he couldn’t work outside because Roseboro Island Road is flooded from heavy rain.

“There’s no way we can get in the field when there’s a lot of rain, and drainage is a problem,” Botha said.

Crittenden County officials say cities like West Memphis are usually okay during heavy rain, because they’re protected by a levee.

But in the more rural areas, where a lot of farmers rely on the land for their livelihood, flood waters can rush in.

“Maybe dig the ditches next to the road for drainage and gutters,” Botha said.

Bob Stokes lives in Marion but also has farmland on Roseboro Island Road.

“This is my territory, and I like to see what’s going on,” he said.

He says he’s used to street flooding, but it’s always a concern.

“If you have a high-rise pick up truck, it’s okay,” Stokes said. “If you have a car, don’t go through places like this. It means we can’t use this road. We have to drive around, which is double the distance.”

He says they will now work inside the workshop and are hoping for sunnier skies.

Crittenden County officials also report flooding on Yellow Store Road near Earle, so avoid that area if you plan to travel there.

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