Criminals burglarized more than 10 cars in Collierville

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — More than ten cars were hit by criminals Wednesday night.

Collierville Police told WREG they were still looking for whoever was responsible for breaking into vehicles close to Byhalia and Powell Roads.

They said it wasn’t hard for criminals to get inside cars.

People were leaving their doors unlocked.

When the criminals got inside, they took cash, loose change and anything else they could find.

“It’s frustrating, I guess it teaches us a lesson as well, you get comfortable you leave your doors unlocked and it happens,” said Jay Ford whose wife’s car was broken into.

Someone got into their car overnight and got away with valuables.

“A purse and money, that’s about it. It wasn’t too much in the vehicle for them to get. I think they went through the neighborhood so whatever they could get they got,” he said.

People who lived in the neighborhood considered it safe.

That’s why  it was hard to believe someone hit over ten vehicles.

“We never hear of that so I’m very shocked,” said Lynda Shannon who lived in the area.

Chris Locke with the Collierville Police Department said just about everyone whose car was burglarized overnight left it unlocked.

“We encourage you to be sure and lock your vehicles at night or wherever you go, another thing we encourage is try not to leave any valuables open in the vehicle,” he said.

The burglaries happened between 10:00 p.m and 6:00 a.m.

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