Crews work urgently to clear snow from roads, but travel still not advised


An MDOT truck on a highway in Mississippi

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pavement was showing through the snow on some heavily traveled streets Tuesday, and road crews said they were taking advantage of the break in weather to get ready for the rest of the week.

“Thankfully we’re experiencing sunshine today,” said Jace Ponder with Mississippi Department of Transportation. “Even though temperatures are still in single digits, that sun is helping us break up the ice.”

Whether you just wanted to, or had to, get out it’s likely you found clearer roads Tuesday.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Nichole Lawrence said Tuesday’s work was urgent. They have about 30 plows deployed in West Tennessee.

“It’s very important because as you know, we have another round of this coming. We want to make sure we make good progress before next round comes so it’s not piling up more,” Lawrence said.

Forecast from the Severe Weather Center and the News Channel 3 Weather Experts

But on Memphis roads, the city’s resources were slimmer.

“Our supplies and force is a little stronger,” TDOT’s Lawrence said.

To help, Memphis officials contracted with a company to add snow plows, bringing their total to 14. Still, the equipment, is smaller than that used by TDOT.

And on secondary roads, plenty of drivers are still struggling.

Officials advise staying home if you can. If you have to go out, do it during daylight hours and stay on highways as much as possible.

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