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(MEMPHIS)  Eulicia Green said it’s no secret that crime can pop up more often in apartments.  People drive up, go into their home and know little about the neighbors.

Changing that mentality is one the big point behind a new program given the blessing of everyone from both mayors to the Police Director and Attorney General.  

It’s called Safeways.

Apartment managers have to step things up to get a stamp of approval.

The goal is  some of the eyesore complexes will catch on and join the list of must have safe apartments.

“Crime can be fought best through services we can provide families”, said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell.

If it sounds like pie in the sky, meet these Debra McIntosh she runs Autumn Woods apartments. 

They were the test complex for the plan and saw crime drop dramatically.

“You know your neighbor, you know who moved in across the street, you know what kind of car they drive, you know they have five children”, said McIntosh

Not even five minutes after our cameras were there we saw police rolling through questioning people, and interacting with residents.

The people who live here will tell you it works, turning their apartment complex into a neighborhood, where everyone looks out for everyone.