Crashes cause more concern about Riverside Drive changes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Memphis Police Department reports nearly two dozen wrecks on Riverside Drive in the last six months.

This week, there have been two of which WREG is aware but police have no record of them.

In all, MPD reports 1,085 wrecks in downtown Memphis since July, and 23 were on Riverside, which is about two percent.

"You can be as careful as you want, and somebody hits you," said Max Maxwell, owner of Maxwell Driving School.

Maxwell said Riverside Drive can be dangerous because there's no median, nowhere for cars to pull over if something happens, drivers speed and are distracted, and there's not enough signs to let you know the road goes from two lanes to four.

"Probably more warning would help a little bit ahead of time," said Maxwell. "If you're not expecting two to one, and you're coming in hot, it could be a problem."

Police say they do not know if there's been an uptick  in crashes, since the road turned into two lanes, because it doesn't keep track.

No one with the city was available to talk, but in an email, the city engineer told WREG, "We will continue to work with MPD on enforcement along Riverside Drive in order to discourage law breakers from using Riverside Drive."

"I think it's fine. I don't see any problems with it," said drive India McCall.

While some drivers feel safe on Riverside, others want the city to take action like adding more patrols.

"Big trucks aren't supposed to go down riverside drive anyway, but they do. That makes it unsafe for drivers, and those at the park," said driver Robert Grooms.

No semi-trucks are allowed on Riverside Drive.

There are two small signs before you enter the road, but drivers suggest the city add more.

Police say they can pull a 18-wheeler over if they are on the road, but not much more.

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