Cracks found on I-240 bridge concern some, but TDOT says it’s safe


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bike riders and joggers Friday packed the Shelby Farms Greenline that runs under a portion of Interstate 240 at I-40. Most don’t even notice the bridge above.

But this week someone did, and posted pictures on social media app Nextdoor showing cracks in the structure underneath the bridge.

“I ride through here all the time and this guy just said, ‘Hey there are cracks.’ I looked up and it’s definitely noticeable, definitely dangerous,” says Jamar Whiteside, who rides his bike in the area.

Some people even posted comments saying, “That is scary looking…a pretty substantial crack!”

With all the focus on bridge structure lately due to the closure of the I-40 bridge over the river, we asked TDOT about the cracks under the 240/40 bridge.

They said what you see in those pictures is typical when a bridge is widened. But this does not bother the structural integrity of the bridge.

Still many believe all this points to the need for our country to get serious about infrastructure.

“A lot of politicians have gone through and say they were going to invest in infrastructure and they don’t do it. You put things off for a long time this is where you end up. So hopefully they will address it now,” says Bill Vance, who was riding his bike in the area.

We asked TDOT what people should do if they spot a crack in bridge. They directed us to this form:

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