Drivers Startled to See Cows Grazing Along I-40

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(Memphis) It’s city driving meets country living.

Drivers noticed cattle grazing along I-40 with nothing keeping them from stepping onto the interstate.

“We were wondering where they came from because we couldn’t think of any farm area that was around,” said Jennifer Hurt, who lives nearby.

Nearly 40 cattle escaped from a pen on property near Jackson Avenue.

The cows, along with two ponies and a horse, were being held after a rodeo late last month.

The cows made their way through the woods to the nearest patch of grass, which happened to be on the side of I-40 near the Austin Peay exit.

“I was just hoping they could keep them off the interstate,” said Hurt.

She said if the cows had walked onto the interstate, it could have ended badly for a cow or a driver, not to mention, backed up traffic for everyone.

“It would have stopped traffic for a while,” she said. “Cows are slow moving.”

Memphis Police made sure the cows stayed put. Memphis Animal Services helped coral them back to their pen.

The owner was ticketed for letting the cows run loose.

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