COVID-19 or Seasonal Allergies? How to tell the difference between them


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been a beautiful week so far here in the Mid-South.

But with that spring beauty for many comes some discomfort due to allergies. We spoke with the Shelby County Health Department about what they want you to know when it comes to the difference between allergy and COVID-19 symptoms.

Some of the symptoms can be very similar to a milder case of COVID-19. But, it’s crucial you don’t take any risks.

 The Shelby County Health Department urges people to be extra cautious. Allergy symptoms can sometimes be similar to COVID-19 symptoms.

Here’s this list to compare a few of the common ones we see:

Muscle aches are usually common with COVID-19, but with allergies they’re not usually a symptom. With COVID-19 people are known to feel tired but only sometimes with allergies.

Additionally, sneezing is rare if you have COVID-19, but it is common with allergies.

But sometimes it’s even tougher to tell.

“Especially as it relates to cough, as it relates to congestion,” said Dr. Bruce Randolph, of the Shelby County Health Department.

Dr. Bruce Randolph with the health department says because of congestion even with allergies there could be a loss of smell and taste. His advice is get tested if you are in doubt, especially if you don’t usually experience allergy symptoms

For more information about the difference in symptoms, click here.

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