Couple robbed at gunpoint while trying to buy video game console

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Berclair woman is warning others after she and her boyfriend tried to buy something on a popular app and were robbed at gunpoint.

We're referring to the woman as "Tracy Smith" to protect her identity. She says they were trying to buy something off the popular app 'LetGo' and she now wishes she would've followed her gut feeling.

“It just keeps replaying over and over in my head -- what did happen -- because it was just so scary," she said. “I’ve never had anything close to that happen. I have never even been robbed."

Her boyfriend used the app 'LetGo' to look for a PlayStation 4 and planned to meet with a man at a convenience store to get one on Sunday.

The seller didn’t show. He blamed a family emergency and said he’d meet them after.

He told them he couldn’t drive due to a disability, but would get a ride to them around 8:30 that night.

“I definitely thought it was weird. I told him, I was like, ‘I just think it’s a bad idea.’”

But her boyfriend wanted to go through with the sale, so the guy came to their Berclair apartment complex where they met him in the parking lot.

“He was pretty normal. He was just, and the reason I didn’t think it was weird he didn’t get out of the car was because he said he was handicap.”

But then, he took out a gun and demanded her boyfriend’s wallet.

“I was about to run, but I stopped and so I just stood there because I didn’t know what else to do. When they drove away, I was just screaming and I was so upset.”

Ironically, she’d posted on social media the night before how tired she was of senseless gun use.

“I mean I understand for emergencies, but just waiving guns around because you want to get something is not the way to do it.”

She says they’ll replace the cards and cash, but the trauma remains. Her building has cameras, so she hopes police will catch the thieves soon.

If you are using one of these apps or websites to purchase items from a stranger, it’s recommended to meet in the daytime and at a police station.

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