Family says couple dead following murder, suicide in Mississippi

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ALCORN COUNTY, Miss. — A Mississippi couple was found dead inside their home after shots were fired late Sunday evening.

The incident reportedly happened on County Road 268, which is just outside of Farmington.

According to the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office, both of them sustained gunshot wounds.

Family members identified the woman as 37-year-old Tanya Machado, and the man as her estranged husband Phillip Alfred.

Machado’s 11-year-old daughter, Raylee, and 13-year-old daughter, Makayla, are devastated.

“A few minutes ago, I put my head on her pillow and screamed, because she’s not hear no more!” Raylee said.

Family members say Alfred shot Machado in Raylee’s bedroom, set it on fire and then shot and killed himself in another bedroom.

“I saw smoke coming out from my bedroom window, because it has a crack in it,” Raylee said.

She says she saw the smoke from across the street and found her step-father’s body when she ran inside. Machado’s mom, Karen, says she found her daughter’s body after Raylee ran down the street to her house for help.

“I stayed up all night, cried and cried and cried. I couldn’t go to sleep,” Raylee said.

Relatives say Machado was leaving Alfred because of his alleged addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“She couldn’t handle it no more. So, she was moving out,” Karen said.

They say he threatened to hurt her and the children because she was ending the relationship.

The Alcorn County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting as an act of domestic violence but have not confirmed the family’s account of what happened.

“He took my baby girl. He took my baby girl from me,” Karen said.

“Now that my mom is gone it feels like my life is gone,” Raylee said.

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