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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — While one local election is over with, another one is right around the corner.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is nearing the end of his first term as mayor, and, as announced, he will seek a second term. Also in the race is political newcomer and current Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer.

We asked County Mayor Lee Harris for his input on the race. While he isn’t endorsing one candidate over another, he says Strickland and Sawyer are both great candidates.

“I haven’t heard any criticisms of either candidate from voters. The voters I’ve talked to are pretty appreciative of both candidates. I think Jim Strickland has done an excellent jobs as a city councilman. He’s doing an excellent job as mayor. The same thing is true when I go into the community and hear people talk about Commissioner Sawyer. I just did a town hall with her recently and all the voters there, the constituents of hers, were very happy with her service,” he said.

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton and small business owner Lemichael Wilson are also running for the seat. The election will be held October 3.