“Let’s get Vanderbilt. Let’s play them in Nashville. I think that would be a fun one. Let’s play them at the Titans Stadium.”

Those were the comments made by Memphis Tigers football coach Ryan Silverfield during his Monday press conference, about scheduling a future game with the SEC’s Vanderbilt Commodores.

Well, it seems those thoughts made it all the way to Nashville.

Tuesday, Vandy coach Clark Lea was asked about possibly scheduling Memphis sometime down the road. Two teams that have only played twelve times in their history but not since 1989.

And guess what,  Lea seemed pretty receptive to the idea though scheduling a non conference game in the SEC is difficult and usually done years in advance.

“Sounds like a great idea to me. In fact, we could make it the barbecue bowl and decide it once and for all. No, I love the thought,” Lea said.  “Obviously, there’s so much up in the air with the scheduling, and I don’t you know, I spend a little time and energy on that right now, wherever they tell us to put the ball down or put it down. But love the idea of playing it at Nissan. Love the idea of playing Memphis.”