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(Memphis) The City of Memphis and Shelby County spent a total of $175,585 on safety for the Ku Klux Klan rally held in downtown Memphis last month.

Originally we were told the KKK would be billed for the costs, but that is not noted in the information released by the City.

We’re told, “The cost includes regular and overtime hours for police, fire and MATA personnel, and for equipment such as fencing, portable toilets and buses.”

In a news release Mayor A C Wharton said, “The extra precautions taken by the Memphis Police Department and supporting agencies were necessary to ensure the safety of citizens and protection of property. Our effort to keep the peace downtown and shift the focus to the Heart of Memphis celebration on Tiger Lane garnered favorable international and national press coverage. The good will that was spread across Memphis and projected to the world as a result of this event was worth every penny.”

Police Director Toney Armstrong, “I commend the public safety officials and officers for their commitment to maintaining order under tough conditions – long hours standing in rainy cold weather and listening to the hateful rants of our out-of-town visitors.”

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Memphis Police $110,870.00
Shelby County Sheriff $35,673.00
Memphis Fire Department $5,487.00

Fencing, toilets, etc $14,705.00

Personnel, buses $8,850.00

TOTAL $175,585.00