MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Starting this Wednesday, free at-home COVID-19 tests will be available for order through a government website but many of you have questions such as how many can you get, when will they arrive and just how accurate are they?

To help combat long testing lines and a shortage of rapid test kits, the Biden administration is launching the website to take orders for up to four per home at no cost.

“This month, it’s estimated we will hit approximately 15 million tests a day and we’ll have over 375 million at home rapid test in January alone. That’s a huge leap,” President Biden said.

The site goes live on Wednesday, but the tests could take more than a week to ship.

Health experts say Rapid COVID-19 tests aren’t as accurate as laboratory-based tests and can miss infections in the beginning and the end stages of the illness.

“I think people having Rapid Tests in their hands can be helpful, but they also have to know they have limitations,” said Dr. Sandy Arnold who is the Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. “The Rapid Tests are not as sensitive and don’t pick up as many cases as the PCR, and even if you take a Rapid Test and it’s negative, you could still have COVID.”

One of the benefits of the tests: they apparently work better when people are carrying a lot of the virus in their systems, and they can give results from anywhere within minutes.

“People need to know if they develop any symptoms, they probably have COVID and they need to isolate at home right away, stay away from everybody, regardless of the results of a rapid test,” Dr. Arnold said.

Another potential issue with at-home testing kits is reporting the results to local health agencies.

“If you’re just doing an at-home test, there’s no way of knowing about those positives. So, we believe if we can automate it for citizens of Shelby County, that would be a better way of getting a more accurate count than what we have currently,” said Health Department Director Dr. Michelle Taylor.

As people begin the process of ordering the at-home tests, health experts say be mindful that they do have a high risk of false results, which could further the spread of COVID.

“A negative test should not give you an indication that you should just go out business as usual,” Dr. Arnold said.

If you’re interested in ordering the rapid testing COVID-19 tests, go to