Student at Arlington High School tests positive for COVID-19

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. — Only three days into the new school year, a student at Arlington High School has tested positive for COVID-19.

Arlington Community Schools says the student was in class Monday but didn’t go to school Tuesday when the teen’s parents told officials about the positive test. Officials, in turn, informed all parents of high school students.

Thankfully, the case appears to be isolated. School officials worked with the Shelby County Health Department, went through the student’s class schedule and determined none of the teen’s classmates need to be quarantined. Officials say those students followed campus rules by social distancing and constantly wearing masks. Additionally, in-person learning at Arlington High is staggered so that only half the student body is on campus on a given day.

Dr. Manoj Jain is an infectious disease expert. He says this is a perfect example of how strict health rules can prevent outbreaks in schools.

“The fact that we had a case and then we are able to do all of the right things and to make sure that there were no other additional cases found, that’s excellent,” Dr. Jain said. “This is a real compliment to the health department and to the children, the school kids who have done their job in trying to keep the distance and certainly, the administration of the school.”

On top of masking and distancing, staff members at Arlington High School constantly clean the campus and there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the buildings. Students also have the option of learning online.

Dr. Jain is encouraging parents all over the Mid-South to take their children’s temperature every morning. That way, if they appear to have a fever, parents can keep them home from school, have them checked by a doctor, and help slow the spread.

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