Memphis Police Association president issues warning after testing positive for coronavirus, but showing no symptoms

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One of Memphis’ most prominent citizens is living proof you can have the coronavirus and not even know it.

Mike Williams, president of the Memphis Police Association, announced Friday he’s tested positive for COVID-19 twice, even though he doesn’t feel sick.

Williams opened for the first time about his battle with COVID-19 in a video posted to Facebook. He said he’s been quarantined at home since testing positive April 1.

“Even though I contracted it, I haven’t really been sick at all, thank God,” Williams said.

He wants to serve as a warning to others: even if you aren’t showing common symptoms like a fever or dry cough, you could still have the coronavirus.

“You think it won’t happen to you, but it will,” Williams said. “You’ve got to really be careful out here. You’ve got to make sure that you taking care of yourself, you’re taking precautions.”

In his video, Williams didn’t specify why he decided to get tested, and he declined to speak with WREG, but he said a second test on April 13 indicated he still had the virus.

He said he was tested a third time Friday.

“I’m hoping that the results are positive this time and that I test negative as opposed to positive and that I’m able to return to work,” Williams said.

The Memphis Police Department reported 21 officers are currently COVID-19-positive. That’s down from 25 last week. A total of 63 officers are currently quarantined.

In addition to the 21 officers who currently have coronavirus, five civilian MPD employees have also tested positive.

Officers have been instructed to wear masks when possible, and police are taking reports for minor crimes over the phone.  

Still when you’re a police officer, there’s only so much contact you can avoid.

 “I believe police officers need hazardous duty pay for this because it’s not like they can go home,” Williams said.

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