Mask rules relaxed in Shelby County health directive starting Saturday


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new health directive that goes in effect this Saturday in Shelby County will make masks a recommendation rather than a mandate in many cases.

The Shelby County Health Department released the new rules Wednesday. They go in effect May 15.

The department said the directive “provides guidance on when masks must not be worn, when they must be worn, and when they are highly recommended.” It also “greatly reduces the number of mandatory restrictions in favor of highly recommended guidance.”

Masks are required for certain employees who work in environments where there is an increased risk of exposure, and allows businesses, school authorities, and public authorities to require masks if proper notice signs are posted at frequently used entrances.

You must still wear a mask if you are boarding airplanes or public transit, inside public buildings, and if you are working for a business, restaurant or school that requires them.

Masks are also “highly recommended” for people who are unvaccinated in many circumstances.

Read the full health directive here.

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