MEMPHIS, Tenn.— If you’ve tried to use the federal government’s new website to order your at-home covid-19 test kits but ran into problems, you’re not alone. The issue involves the address verification tool.

Just one day after the federal government’s website rollout to order at-home rapid COVID-19 testing kits, some users are running into problems.

“I know there were some issues with some individuals being able to do that, but I’ve heard some people have been able to get on,” Dr. Nick Hysmith said. He is the Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Le Bonheur.

Some users reported problems relating to the address verification tool wrongly enforcing the four-per-household cap on apartment buildings and other multi-unit dwellings.

“I have heard of the multi-generational household issues, and I can understand why there’s concern there. Obviously, you can only order four tests and they’re trying to spread that out,” Dr. Hysmith said.

“We do know that addresses at multi-unit complexes are harder to recognize and the federal government is using the United States Postal Service to make those deliveries, they are trying to work out the glitches in that.” Dr. Michelle Taylor, Shelby County Health Department Director said.

As those federal glitches are being worked out, the Shelby County commission approved spending almost one and half million dollars to buy 180,000 COVID at-home tests. They’ll be distributed countywide.

“Hopefully, you’ll get your test from the federal government, first, and followed by this local shipment of tests that we will be distributing across the county,” Dr. Taylor said.  

Those tests will come in 15,000 units with each unit having six kits containing two test per kit. They are expected to arrive in the next four weeks.

“If you are having symptoms or if you know you’ve been exposed, you can go on and get that test result early,” Dr. Taylor said.

“I think the more we can test the better to keep the spread down. we know from the past few weeks the lines at some of these testing centers have been very long,” Dr. Hysmith said.

The Shelby County rapid test kits will come with a QR code allowing people who test positive to go online or call (901) 222-MASK to report the results to the health department.