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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Cars again lined up at the Pipkin Building in Memphis on Monday as people waited for the COVID-19 vaccine.

But compared to last week, when people complained of waiting up to six hours for the shot and others with appointments were turned away when shots ran out, this first day of February was much different.

“I got over here about ten minutes after 11. Straight in. It was great,” said Diane Trubic of southeast Memphis.

“My friend got it and it was painless, after my other friend was here Tuesday night and it was six-and-a-half hours for her. So I think they did a really good job today,” said Leigh Carter of East Memphis.

“I was in and out in about 20 to 30 minutes maybe. Maybe a little less than that, so it was really nice and easy,” said Savannah Klein of Bartlett.

There are supposed to be some new rules in place on just who can get shots right now.

You must have an appointment and show proof of that appointment with the date and time.
You also must not arrive more than an hour ahead of your scheduled time.

But there were still some hiccups.

Carter said they didn’t look at whether her friend had an appointment when they came in. “Nobody looked at her driver’s license or anything. So she could have been anybody,” said Carter.

Others said they were asked.

“They did a good screening in the very beginning to make sure I had an appointment. Filled out the paperwork. Pulled into the garage. Got the shot and it was over before I knew it,” said Emmanuel Reeves of Arlington.

With new sites opening this week, there will be choices for those looking to get the vaccine.

A center in Whitehaven starts giving shots Friday. The Appling Road center is now also giving first dose shots. And Walmart will begin offering the vaccine at 11 of its stores in Memphis-Shelby County.

“I think it will definitely help. I think the more access points you have, the faster we can get everybody vaccinated,” said Reeves.

The Shelby County Health Department will begin administering second doses of the Moderna covid-19 vaccine Tuesday at Germantown Baptist Church on Poplar Avenue.

You can sign up for the VaxQueue waitlist to receive notification when there are openings to get the vaccine.