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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Funeral homes across the Mid-South are feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Funerals are now being reduced to just a hand full of close family services and the length of services are being cut down.

“What we have done is limit it to six or eight items on a funeral program and we are doing 30 to 45 minute services,” Laron Jackson said.

Laron Jackson works for Christian Funeral Directors Funeral Home and says the pandemic is leading to a lot of changes.

“They have been telling us to use sprays,” Jackson said. “As well as watching the volume of people that come through the facility.”

According to Jackson, visitation is being held right before the funeral services.

“You can monitor a little bit better by inviting ‘x’ number of people inside the facility and not to just linger to be in out and out,” Jackson said.

Funeral workers are changing on how they handle bodies. Protective jackets are being placed on the deceased to catch any body leaks.

Workers are also wearing protective face shields to protect their entire face while they are doing their working as bacteria can still linger.

“Germs. You are dealing with the body fluids itself. You are dealing with someone who may have a respiratory problem,” Jackson said.