Coronavirus making people ask which appointments are essential

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The coronavirus has plenty of people making changes in their schedules, but what about those appointments you make on a regular basis?

While we are being urged to limit our comings and goings, there are some things like doctors appointments that people don’t want to miss.

Federal officials say if it is just a regular check up, you might want to think about postponing.

Previously scheduled surgeries or other procedures may need to be discussed with your health care professional.

Then there are those things we do for ourselves.

Freda Rios didn’t want to pass up her hair appointment Tuesday morning, so she kept it with Stylist Sherri Benson, who made sure everything was ready.

“I was praying that I didn’t have any symptoms, which I don’t,” Rios said. “So I was determined to keep my hair appointment because when you look better, you feel better.”

Benson, her stylist, said she is making sure she is very sanitized and spraying down.

“I have asked them if they are having different symptoms, cold, flu,” she said. “They already know they can’t come in anyway.”

Experts say you have to be careful about any close contact if you are not sure if either person is ill.

What about your regular nail appointments? That is also close contact with another individual in a space where others may also gather.

 For many, the routine has become something they look forward to and is hard to give up.

At a time when there are still a lot of unknowns, health officials say to think carefully.

Each business at the current time needs to look at their work flow and determine how they can reduce contact between individuals, and as citizens we need to look at what we are doing and what we might alter.

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