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Last night was the first night I woke up out of a dead sleep.

I woke up to a severe cramp in my right leg.

I’ve been reading different baby books, and since my pregnancy has been so far (thank goodness) uneventful, I skipped the part about leg cramps.

So last night, I was the girl trying not to wake up my husband, reaching for any book out of the stack that sits next to our bed trying to figure out what I was supposed to do.

Apparently I was a lot louder than I thought.

Thor woke up with open eye open and asked if everything were ok.

I started laughing.

It was the only thing I could do.

He looked so cute with his bed head, one eye staring at me while he was half twisted in my direction.

I said yes and told him I skipped over the chapter about leg cramps.

He looked confused in the hue of the flickering TV light.

So I started to laugh again and said my right leg is curled up in a tight cramp, and I skipped the leg cramp chapter in the baby book.

It finally clicked in his sleepy head and realized what I was talking about.

I think he thought I was about to have Baby H!

I told him all was well in that department, but I couldn’t flex my right foot to release the major cramp in my shin muscle …which apparently is called the tibialis anterior muscle.

Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like the dickens, but I could only laugh at myself for skipping over that section in the book.

Thor told me to relax my leg.

He gets calf cramps from time to time from sports & the gym.

I played sports all my life and never experienced anything like it.

Apparently it’s common to have leg cramps while pregnant.

Now that I’ve reviewed the chapter about leg cramps … best thing to do if and when they arrive is, according to the experts, as soon as you feel the cramping sensation … stretch your leg, heel first and flex your toes back & forth.

To avoid leg cramps all together stay hydrated, stretch throughout the day and according to the experts again, walk every day.

Though I’ve been staying active along with staying hydrated … I guess I’m lacking in the stretching department.

It is now part of my daily routine. ;)

Prenatal Yoga is my new best friend.


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