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Pregnant or not it is always on my mind.

But being pregnant makes shopping for clothes a lot harder!

Maternity clothes have come a *long* way though.

I’m truly thankful for that!

There are so many new options.

From fitted dresses and blazers to tailored crisp button down shirts.

You no longer have to look like you’re wearing a potato sack!

Gone are the days of looking frumpy!

I’m also pretty content in a t-shirt and boxer shorts.

Tho I don’t think my boss would be happy if I showed up to work that way.

I told our production staff for our Daybreak show that if I show up one morning in sweatpants & a t-shirt to make it a voiceover day. ;)

This weekend I tried a few maternity stores.

I assumed that being pregnant made me taller with wider shoulders.

I was way wrong.

I have a tough time finding clothes to begin with so I thought being bigger would help.

No luck.

Unfortunately, nothing fit.

Since we’re in the dog days of summer, I’m still searching for dresses that will grow with me.

The sweet woman at one of the stores suggested pants & cute tops.

Right now I’m so overly hot I can not stand to even try on pants or jeans for that matter.

I do look forward to the numerous selections I’ll be able to pick through when it comes time for jeans.

Did you know you can still sport skinny jeans while pregnant?

Apparently there are many styles to choose from and that makes me happy!

So for now I am going to go up a size or two and continue to shop at the same stores I always do.


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