Corie’s Baby Blog: To Cord Blood Bank Or Not To Cord Blood Bank

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Either way I’m totally confused.

I had no idea what it was.

I kept seeing it advertised in every pregnancy magazine.

Because I didn’t know what it was, I would flip right past it.

But the more I saw it the more it made me stop and actually read what it was.

After I read the advertised paragraph I had to research it more in a not so advertised environment.

Right now I feel as if I’m an advertisers dream.

From food to clothing, music and baby bottles … if I see it for some reason I believe I *NEED* it.

In between one of my traffic hits, we were in a commercial break, and a commercial flashed a picture of a sausage biscuit & hash browns.

Well I just HAD to have it even though I brought my lunch with plenty of fruit.

I *needed* that biscuit & hash browns STAT!

So I quickly sent a text, tweeted and called Thor.

As if he had nothing better to do in the wee morning hours before he had to head to work.

Thor was sweet enough to stop on his way in & drop off my deliciousness.

I did notice he ordered one for himself so honestly I count that as a win win.

I’m sure he does too. :)

According to Wikipedia “Cord blood cells are currently used to treat blood and immune system related genetic diseases, cancers, and blood disorders” and that is why people want to store the blood from their child’s umbilical cord.

A brother, sister or even a relative of the child could also benefit from it if they were a close enough match.

Cord Blood Banking is a facility that will properly store it for you.

There are public facilities and private facilities.

Public facilities take donations where you can donate your child’s cord blood.

You don’t have to pay a storage fee, but you also don’t have claims to it.

It is available to anyone in need.

Private banking is where you can have your child’s cord blood saved & stored, but there is a yearly storage fee.

A benefit to private banking is you have the only access to the cord blood.

All of it is intriguing and truly educational.

Once again I tapped into my trusted friend focus group and asked if they stored their child’s or children’s cord blood.

2 out of 6 stored it privately.

We’re still researching and educating ourselves on the topic.

It is a tough one and to be honest … an expensive one, but it is worth the time to know the real facts for yourself.

We’re less than 24 hours away from knowing the gender of our little nugget.

I can’t wait! :)

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