Corie’s Baby Blog: Is Bob Worth The Money?

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I keep hearing about the Bob Running Stroller.

I’m not a gym rat but I grew up playing sports and staying in shape is important to me.

Right now I don’t have to worry about another person but in a few months going for a jog won’t be that easy.

I love soccer!

I love playing soccer and I guess playing in the spring will be out of the question for a little while.

I’ll be anxious to get whatever weight I gain off as quick as possible but I’m also realistic.

It is a slow process and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Though I’m sure we all wished it did! ;)

I’m searching websites, reading reviews and I keep coming back to THE BOB.

Bob is a bit pricy but perhaps it is worth it if you actually use it.

The more you use it the better you will feel physically and I’m sure it feels good to get your moneys worth.

What else is out there?

Other than the BOB, which running stroller do you use and love? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

This could be a case where BOB rules and it is worth the investment.

Thor and I both love soccer and I think our son does too!

Check out his bicycle kick from inside my stomach! I told Thor we have to keep that photo so when he turns pro we can tell the world he was born a soccer player! ;)

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