Corie’s Baby Blog: First Day Of School

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I remember my first day of school.

I was so excited to wear my new clothes and sport my new shoes.

I felt like I was going to big girl school.

I cried my eyes out though after my mom left.

I was not so big anymore.

My sister was three years older than me so we were in the same elementary school at the same time.

My sister had to swing by the kindergarten pod to pick me up at the end of each day.

We would walk to our school bus together in the afternoons.

I used to be jealous when my sister went home with homework.

I wanted to wrap my tiny arms around the big school books and walk around like I had homework too. :)

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I thought about what it would be like when our little son had his first day of big boy school.

Would he be able to sleep through the night?

Would he be nervous?

Would he have a fashion meltdown and refuse to go without his favorite shoes?

What if he is in that cape wearing mode?

Would I send him to school in his cape if that is the only thing he would be willing to wear?

Though our little nugget is not even born, I’m already losing sleep over his first day of school.

Happy First Day of School to all the parents & kids!

Hope you snapped a few photos before they left the house this morning. :)

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