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Our big ultrasound gave us our first glimpse of our little nugget.

We saw the little head, and of course I was holding my breath making sure everything was there.

Counting two arms, two legs, I saw hands, feet, toes & fingers.

I must have asked a thousand time does everything look ok.

To be honest I could not tell what I was looking at.

Some things looked distorted, and unless you have a trained eye you wouldn’t really know what you are looking at.

I would like to thank our ultrasound technician who had such patience with us.

Ours was very sweet and helped us understand what we were looking at.

We were able to see all four chambers of the heart and the tiny brain.

We do have to go back because our little bundle was moving around too much.

They need to get a better look at the chamber walls which our tech said was normal.

She told us 90 percent of women had to come back to get a better look.

Overall though, everything looked good.

We have one photo where I swear the little nugget is looking right at us!

Thor and I are happy to share with you the wonder news! We’re having a …

and could not be happier!

Thor already thinks he has his chin! 

We can start narrowing down names and start picking out colors for the baby’s room.

Thor & I are huge sports fans!

I can not wait to get our son a little Memphis Grizzlies onesie! :)

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