Corie’s Baby Blog: Were You Or Your Little One A Colicky Baby?

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Apparently I was.

So much so that my older sister (by 3 years) told my mom to take me back to the hospital and leave me there.

When you’re having your own baby you’re drawn to the fact-finding mission of knowing how *you* were while you were in your mother’s belly.

Hence the conversation I had with my Mom last night. I asked my mom what I was like as a baby.

I could hear her take a breath over the phone and almost laugh while she did.

I was a bit of an issue before I was even born.

I knew I was a breech baby.

But I didn’t know the severity of it.

Back then they didn’t quickly cut you open for a C- section.

She didn’t have that luxury.

The doctors were worried about my heart rate and since I was starting to be born feet first … I started breathing all the fluids from inside my mom.

I was a hot mess I tell you!

My mom would always joke about me being born feet first and that I’ve been running ever since.

Kind of fitting I guess since I grew up playing soccer, running cross-country & track.

Finally over the feet first deal, my mom then had to deal with a very fussy and colicky baby.

If I could I would take it all back but I’m sure it made my mom stronger.

Though I wore her out along with my sister who wanted to out right give me back since I wouldn’t stop crying.

Come to find out I was lactose intolerant so they had to switch me from breastfeeding to a particular formula.

All I can remember is that it didn’t taste very good but it had what my body needed since breast milk was no longer an option.

I applaud my mom for sticking it out and not killing me in the process.

And I’m not kidding here.

Shaken baby syndrome is real and lots of moms out there are overwhelmed when their newborns won’t stop crying after exhaustively trying everything.

If you’re ever in that situation, give your little wee one to another responsible person in the house so you can take a break.

We know you’re Supermom with a cape but even Supermoms need a break.

Find your inner strength to keep it together.

Create a good support system around you so if and when you’re about to break you can tap out for a second to regroup then tap back in knowing it won’t last forever.

I finally stopped crying which was the sweetest sound my mom ever heard. And I was back to drinking milk and eating dairy not long after. :)


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