Corie’s Baby Blog: Phase One: Creating Space

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Space is highly sought after.

It is a *hot* commodity and in high demand!

When bringing another human into the world, you wonder if you’re going to have enough space.

How quickly will you out grow your current home?

How long could you stay in your home until it is no longer functional for your family?

Those are the questions Thor, and I are trying to answer.

We love our home, our neighbors and neighborhood. :)

But the bottom line is we do not have enough space.

We’re good for a few years, but when our son turns 2 1/2 or 3, I think it will be time for us to jump back into the real estate market and hope for the best.

Until then, we decided to create as much space as possible using the existing space we do have.

We jumped in our SUV and headed east.

First stop was Birmingham to visit a dear friend then the 3 of us were off to Atlanta and IKEA. :)

It is the feeling of Thor’s heritage without the price tag of flying to Sweden and shipping stuff back.

I’ve lost count on how many trips we’ve made to IKEA.

It is the perfect balance of modern design with a minimalist taste.

It allows us to commit with the freedom of changing our minds without the huge investment.

The baby’s room is nowhere near completed or even started.

We have three bedrooms in our house. The 3rd bedroom is our office which will soon become the baby’s room.

Right now we are in what I would like to call “Phase One”.

Moving everything out of the office and trying to figure out where all that stuff is going to go.

We’ll purge some, keep some and well … if we could just add MORE CLOSET SPACE …that would be great! ;)

That is where IKEA comes in and new wardrobes and dressers.

Shelving and well since we can not build out, we’ll build up.

IKEA has this unique way of showing you that you do not need *that* much space to do extraordinary things.

We will be putting them, their designs and furniture to the test like we have been for years.

Here is to creatively creating space to buy us some time. :)

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