Cordova mother terrified after car and home shot in drive-by shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- A Cordova mother is terrified and is too afraid to leave her home after it was shot up while her family was watching television.

Her vehicle and home near Trinity Road and North Walnut Bend Road now have bullet holes.

Wednesday night Ericka Smith showed WREG  the alarming damage left behind.

"They chipped my brick right here and they shot over here. "

That's far from all, she also showed us another bullet hole in her home.

There are also two more in her car and a third pierced the vehicle's backseat.

"I have not had any sleep in two days," she explained.

Not since her home was shot up Monday just before 10 p.m.

The family, her three sons, one as young as 13, gathered in the living room watching television when the peaceful night was interrupted.

"About seven loud shots and all I could do is just scream to them just tell them to get down and start calling out their names and make sure everyone was safe," said the concerned mother.

Thankfully no one was hit.

Smith is too terrified to even leave in the evening to head to her job. She has theories about what possibly led to the gunfire.

"My son was assaulted and now my house and my car are shot up. What's next? "

She's talking about an incident a little more than a week ago when her two sons were playing basketball in front of the home. Her 20-year-old son told police three men showed up looking for a fight because he had stopped hanging out with them.

A police report says the 20-year-old was hit with brass knuckles and had a gun pointed at him.

An 18-year-old was arrested. Court records show he has posted bond.

Smith says her son has never been in trouble, he tries to avoid it.

"I was told that he was asked to join a gang and he said no prior to this and this is what happened so I'm not sure."

She believes this shooting might have been retaliation.

Now her family is living in fear.

" I see it on the news all the time but I never thought it would come knockin on my door. "

As far as information about the gunmen there is really not a whole lot to go off of.

Smith did say she saw a gray car speeding away from her home.

If you happen to have any information make sure you give police or Crime Stoppers a call.


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