Cordova man upset after he said his yard was damaged by contractors

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Cordova man is at his wit’s end after he says his yard was dug up by a contractor, and this wasn’t construction he asked for.

They fixed part of the problem but he turned to WREG saying the job is incomplete.

Victor Balfour is thankful to have clean water and working faucets. The cancer patient says a few weeks ago they were a muddy mess.

“He had to replace all these faucets,” Balfour exclaimed.

He says that was after he was surprised to find a group of contractors, with Broadband Technical Resources, trying to bury a line for cable TV in his front yard.

He says he never called them. If that mess wasn’t enough, they hit a water line.

“All of that water was shooting up out the ground,” he said.

He says the problem trickled inside the house. The company fixed faucets and filters on his various appliances.

However outside the home, in the front yard, is a mound of dirt and he says he can’t get in touch with anyone from the company.

“It’s been three weeks. I called and called and called and I saw Channel 3 news come on and I said, ‘I got to call somebody to get some help.'”

The big concern is now outside. That hole is now covered but he’s concerned that if it rains a sinkhole could possibly form.

“It’s going to rain and make it even worse. When they put that sod back down they need to make sure it’s level because there’s still water underneath there and you put that stuff down it’s gonna sink, sink, sink like a sinkhole. ”

We reached out to the company with Balfour’s problem.

The man we talked to said he was a manager. He acknowledged a pipe was damaged and said he must’ve missed Balfour’s calls.

Telling us he would go over to his home and take care of the problem.

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