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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A pair of burglars went to great heights to break into a man’s Cordova apartment Monday morning.

Chauncy Gray said this is the second time he’s been broken into at the Appling Lakes Apartments. Each time, the burglars are finding their way onto his second-floor balcony and then kicking in the balcony door.

This time, a surveillance camera was rolling as one of the crooks made his getaway around 9 a.m.

Gray said he didn’t realize he had been broken into again until he arrived home Monday afternoon. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were on the scene investigating.

The crooks rummaged through all of Gray’s belongings before taking clothes, shoes and a 65-inch curved television.

“It makes you angry, yeah. You know, you work really hard, you leave early in the morning, you come back late at night and you’ve got guys just walking around just kicking doors in. Just taking stuff,” Gray said.

The burglars were also able to make off with a surveillance camera perched outside a neighbor’s front door. Video shows two sets of feet hovering around the camera as they cover it, but the camera never shows their faces.

An incident report from January 21 shows burglars stole thousands of dollars in cash from Gray, as well as some of his clothing and a television. That time, like this time, they left a calling card.

“The first time they left a knife right by the door. I guess they were holding the knife in case somebody walked in on them, and this time they left another butcher knife. Same thing, right by the door,” Gray said.

Records indicate another break-in was reported in another part of the apartment complex on January 2. Gray said his next-door neighbor was also broken into, but WREG was unable to confirm that.