Convicted sex offender caught with child after Houston Levee wreck

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man known to authorities as a violent sex offender was caught giving a ride to a young girl following an accident over the weekend.

Officers responded to a car accident on Houston Levee Road and Highway 64 on Sunday, June 23. After asking for his license police realized that one of the drivers, David Summers, was a convicted sex offender.

At the time of the accident, Summers reportedly had his girlfriend’s 6-year-old child inside the car with him.  He said he had picked the child up from her father, but couldn’t provide an address for where that exchange took place. Authorities said they were also unable to get into contact with him via the phone number given to them by Summers.

The child’s mother has been behind bars for the past year, police said.

According to authorities, Summers is a violent sex offender against children. He was convicted of attempted aggravated sexual battery against another past girlfriend’s child in 2005. He’s now violated the terms of his release seven times since, most recently in February 2018 for tampering with his offender GPS device.

In this latest case he was charged with violating the sex offender registry act.

Perhaps the most concerning detail is that Summers has managed to keep his residency vague. His address is listed in the 1100 block of Tahiti Lane on the sex offenders website, but when we tried to visit that house we found out that it doesn’t exist.

We also visited his listed address in the Shelby County Justice System on Walnut Grove, but residents in that house say, while they know Summers, he has never lived there full-time.

“He just kinda passes through here and there,” the homeowner said.

Summers is due in court Tuesday.

Reporter: Peter Fleischer

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