Convenience store manager shot, killed during robbery


Express Mart homicide

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Memphis, Tenn. — A Parkway Village community is grieving after a beloved convenience store manager was shot and killed during a robbery.

Police say it happened just before midnight Friday at the Express Mart on Knight Arnold Road.

Customers showed up Sunday morning to find the store closed.

“It makes me feel unsafe ’cause I walk these streets every day. I go to that store every day. Like, they know us that well,” said Casey Cox, who lives nearby. “So, it’s sad.”

Cox said he had just been at the store two hours before the man he and his friends describe as “family” was gunned down.

“You wake up, don’t even know if it’s gonna be your last day or not. I had just saw him earlier that day,” said Justin Jones.

Police say two men in masks went into the store as the 54-year-old manager was closing, shot him, then loaded up on cash from the register and office and drove off in a silver or grey car.

“For that to happen to a person like him, you know, it’s really sad,” said Tommie Wilson. “He didn’t deserve it, he was a good guy. The guy’d give you the shirt off his back.”

This is the fourth robbery at the Express Mart since April — and all four were caught on camera.

That month, four masked burglars smashed their way in with sledgehammers.

Then in June, two suspects pulled the same stunt when they burst in through a window with sledgehammers and ransacked the store.

And in July, three crooks walked into the store at closing time and held up the clerk at gunpoint.

“It’s sad to say but, it’s just, it’s what goes on around here,” Cox said.

People in the neighborhood say they’ve become desensitized to all the violence.

“You have your periods when things are good and you have your periods when things are bad. Lately, things have been kind of bad in this neighborhood,” Wilson said.

If there’s surveillance video from Friday night’s attack, police haven’t released it yet.

Police also haven’t released the victim’s name, but people in the neighborhood knew him as “Sam,” and say he’s worked at the store for at least 15 years.

“I just hope they catch them,” Wilson said. “I hope they catch them because he didn’t deserve that.”

No arrests have been made at this point. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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