Consumer News: Polaris recall and your April spending guide


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Polaris is recalling some of its ROVs after 30 reports of cracked exhaust silencers, including some that led to fires.

The recall involves model year 2014 through 2018 Polaris RZRXP 1000 recreational off-highway vehicles. That model number is stamped on stickers on the side panels.

The company said it is contacting all affected owners.

April buys

Now to what’s on sale and what you should skip for the month of April.

Easter leftovers are a great buy as stores look to clear their inventory. Just walk through any store and you’ll find items anywhere from 50 to 75 percent off.

While it’s not a holiday, tax day goodies will soon be in full swing. Tax Day falls on April 17 this year, so expect discounts and freebies from restaurants and retailers along with promotions for free shredding events.

Sticking with the season, experts say vacuums are a good buy this time of year.  While discounts aren’t as steep as Black Friday, now could be the time to snag a deal on a vacuum if you need one.

And believe it or not, you might be able to find a good deal on jewelry during the month of April.

Experts say that’s because there aren’t any jewelry related holidays that fall during the month, so stores are more motivated to offer discounts.

You’ll want to wait a while longer on things like kitchen appliances that will go on sale closer to Memorial Day and summer essentials.

While they may be all over the store right now, none of that stuff is at a decent price until much later in the season.



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