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(MEMPHIS) airport screeners are becoming transportation officers through very low traing and standards and it’s a threat to national security. 

That’s according to Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn who says she’s uncovered many officers with criminal backgrounds! including a man who ran a prostitution ring. 

Congresswoman Blackburn says not only are TSA agents being hired without background checks but they have also created their own rules to promote unqualified people to become federal officers. 

Blackburn has just wrapped up an investigation into the TSA’s hiring practices. 

Blackburn says many of the screeners are hired with no background check, then some are promoted to become federal officers with only eighty hours training and three weeks supervision. 

“As soon as you finish your eighty hours of training you are issued a tax payer federal officer uniform with a badge and you are put out on the line,” said Blackburn. 

To fight the problem she’s introduced the Stop TSA’s Reach in Policy Act, or STRIP Act. 

“These individuals do not have federal law enforcement training therefore they should not be called federal officers and they should not be wearing that uniform,” said Blackburn. 

Memphis’s TSA Director Kevin McCarthy says the TSA at Memphis International Airport follows strick and sufficient guidelines. 

“It’s an over month long process of classroom simulation and on the job training. All of our officers must go through it before there are qualified to perform the important mission we perform,” said McCarthy. 

Blackburn says if her bill passes no one will be able to wear a federal officer uniform unless they have completed federal law enforcement training.

And those current officers who haven’t been federally trained will be demoted back to customer service and screening.