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The latest from the courtroom
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Miss parts of the Holly Bobo trial? WREG has been covering the proceedings since day one and have all the testimony on our website. Click on the day below to review the evidence: Day One: Opening Statements/ Holly’s mother and father testify Day Two: Zachary Adam’s ex: “He said he would tie me up just like Holly Bobo” Day Three: Holly’s skull is found/ Evidence collected Day Four: Jason Autry takes the stand (explicit content) Day Five: The gun is found/Agent admits mistake in investigation Day Six: Cell phone records tie Autry, Adams to area Day Seven: 911 call from Zach Adam’s grandfather/ Inmates testify  Day Eight: Defense takes over Day Nine: Third day of defense testimony Day Ten: Closing statements Day Eleven: The verdict is in Day Twelve: Adams is sentenced, Holly Bobo’s mother speaks to him  

Key Witnesses in the Holly Bobo Case


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