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(Como, MS) Historic blues town Como, Mississippi has had the financial blues for years.

They’ve cut to the bone here to meet expenses, borrowing money and negotiating tax payments with the IRS, but now town leaders are looking at cutting into the bone and doing away with its small, six man police force.

”I’m sure it would affect everyone’s comfort level and just feeling like it’s safe to go out and walk around,” said Anne May who with her husband own Windy City Grille and Como Steakhouse.

They’ve helped raise the town’s profile and bring folks here from miles around to eat and have a good time.

She’s concerned doing away with police could also do away with business.

As we’ve reported, this time of year Mississippi towns run chronically short of money.

There’s hope among city leaders that once property tax money starts coming in around March, they might be able to afford police protection.

There’s also hope the Sheriff’s Department can pitch in also.

Lots of people here say they’re hoping for the best.

”I know they’re in pretty dire straits, but we hope it’s not gonna come to that. They keep trying to solve any problems they have,” said businessman Darrel Brown who owns a greengrocer store on Main Street.

Because he adds there’s too much invested in Como’s recent revival to give people a reason to think twice about coming here,.

”I know we want our guests to feel comfortable and I’m sure a lot of ‘em are from out of town and don’t know what to expect” said May.

Como’s Mayor and Aldermen are set to consider their options for police protection at a specially-called meeting Friday night at 5 o’clock.