Community offers prayers of support to Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett workers during coronavirus

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the community is working to support healthcare workers on the frontlines working to keep everyone safe.

The CEO of Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett said the outpouring of support has been so overwhelming they’re now using technology to get those messages to the staff as they work long days and nights.

“It’s really hard during this time of social distancing to hear, see and feel that, so we’re leveraging the technology to do whatever we can to let our staff know people are thinking about them, people are praying for them and people are there for them,” CEO Chris Locke said.

The hospital posted on social media asking for people to email prayers to be printed and used to cover the halls with the prayers and well wishes.

“All of our employees now are coming through one entrance where they’re screened and I just wanted to surround them with positive messages of support, prayers and anything that can be uplifting as they’re headed off to work,” Locke said.

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