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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A group of concerned citizens is warning people not to dump in their neighborhood.  

My Zip is in the process of installing a camera near a softball field on Levi Road near Neely after months illegal dumping there. 

Dr. Yvonne Nelson says she’s been documenting it since October. 

“Last week was the worst I have ever seen,” she said. 

“Nothing but mattresses, furniture, toilets,” she added. 

Each time the city cleans it up, she says it isn’t long before new trash appears. 

She so struck a deal with a mobile camera manufacturer to erect the camera for free as part of a 30-day pilot program.  

“If somebody comes and stops to dump, I’m gonna be notified that there’s activity on the road and I will have captured video,” Nelson said. 

If the camera is able to capture dumpers, she hopes it will convince local governments to purchase their own cameras. She’s also eyeing federal funds. 

“I will use it to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency to select Memphis as a grantee awardee of $75,000 to do this in hot spots all over.”