Community grateful former marine was caught trying to sell military guns and ammo

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --  Alexis Kay was angry and fed up with illegal guns on the street.

Her teenage cousin has been in the hospital for months after he was shot.

She told WREG she is furious with a former marine accused of trying to put high powered weapons on the street

“Whoever that guy is, he needs to be brought to justice for sending guns out,” said Kay.

Prosecutors said 21- year old Armando Vazquez stole body armor, bullets, M-16 rifles and helmets.

He then turned around and sold them for thousands of dollars.

“To hear someone in charge of defending the county is not defending but adding to those who attempt to terrorize, it's a sad thing,” said DeAndre Brown, of Lifeline to Success,an organization working to better Frayser and keep illegal guns off the street.

“To arm those who would do harm with each other, would exasperate that problem,” said Brown.

He was thankful the young marine was caught.

Investigators has tracked Vazquez since last year.

He was caught removing a $150 thousand multi-purpose vehicle and even a military issued hummer from a marine reserves facility on Jackson Avenue in Memphis.

It's unclear if he planned to sell those too but those trying to keep their kids safe said they're just glad he's locked up.

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