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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A massive fire and chemical spill at a biodiesel plant in Orange Mound sent flames shooting through the air on Friday. Fire investigators said a 2,500 gallon tank of methanol began leaking just before 2 p.m. Workers told WREG that happens quite a bit. “There’s chemicals everywhere and some light up,” said Jose Roman. Employees at Agrileum, a commercial biodiesel production plant located on Deadrick, mix volatile chemicals to make diesel fuel, but they said they’ve never seen anything like this. “We saw the flame so high and smoke and we had to run away from them,” said Roman. “Our boss came and said ‘get out, get out it’s a fire,’ and next thing I knew flames were sky high,” added “Raz.” The EPA cited the plant in 2014 for not properly handling waste. It’s unclear what caused Friday’s blaze. Emergency crews evacuated everyone from homes nearby until they knew for certain what sparked the fire. “I was in the house and walked out to see what was going on and they said I couldn’t go home,” said Charlotte Harris. “When I went to the backdoor, I was praying. I knew someone succomded to it. I’m glad they survived,” he added. No one was killed and no one was seriously hurt in the blaze.